Disco Space has the spherical form of a planet but is actually a big floating disco. It was built for the leisure of the people of Nena’s universe. Its surface is covered with luminous circles where you can dance. These circles are surrounded by huge speakers, scaffolding with coloured spotlights and all kinds of sound equipment. The neon lights are especially bright at night time and the music plays constantly. So, anyone who visits this artificial planet can dance non-stop and enjoy the delights of a metallic landscape
covered in fluorescent lights. This planet is visited by many beings but the one who actually lives there is a character who is known popularly as Primo; who never leaves this heavenly body. It is said that Primo puts on the best parties in the universe, and these parties can go on for days, which can sometimes be very annoying to the inhabitants of other planets when Disco Space passes near to them.
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The planet Lunch is famous throughout the universe. It is a green area full of forests, rivers, lakes, animals in freedom, picnic areas and parks. Children from all over the galaxy travel to this planet some afternoons to play and run through its green meadows. It is always springtime on this world. The temperature is mild and the clouds wait until the children have returned to their own planets before raining. That’s why there is no better place to go for a picnic in the whole universe.
This planet is a meeting place for children from different cultures, where the idea of rejecting someone because they are different is never even considered, because the only important thing is to have fun. It is very near the centre of the galaxy in order to be close to all the planets. On this planet, there is no inhabitant to look after it, so the children have to learn right from their first visit how important it is to keep it so clean; in that way they will always be able to enjoy it.
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Messyland is the popular name given to a planet which is notorious for its dirt, pollution and the bad smells given off by its rubbish. On this planet, they have not managed to process waste properly; it has never been cleaned and nothing has ever been recycled. The rubbish has just been left to accumulate until the whole planet has been covered in trash. Pollution is visible both in the air and in the cess pits that used to be lakes. Seen from the distance, the planet has a dark appearance, surrounded by thick smog.
The surface cannot be seen because it is all buried under rubbish, but between the hills and mountains of rubbish, you can make out factories which are no longer needed by anybody. There is only one inhabitant left on Messyland, and that is Pester, an indigenous being who does not know what his planet was like before all the pollution.
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Terra Bit is one of the most technologically advanced planets in Nena’s universe. Terra Bit was colonised by a community of robots which, after settling there, started replacing all its natural areas with artificial environments. Nowadays, there are no natural areas left on Terra Bit, since they have all been replaced by automatons and electronic appliances. The trees have been replaced by posts with solar panels which provide the planet with energy.
The rivers have become kilometres of fibre optic cable through which the digital data which keep the system alive flow. The new generation of robot children have never seen natural areas and have become accustomed to the artificial environment they live in. The robotic inhabitants of this planet love the fact that there number can be counted in binary code. There are currently 101 of them, but there have sometimes been 110 or 111.
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This moon is famous throughout the galaxy thanks to the delicious honey produced by its inhabitants. The satellite, which orbits the planet Ocean, works like a huge honeycomb. Unlike any rocky planet, it has a hollow inside with the form of a hive. Although the community spends practically all its life on the inside, its most typical and popular aspect is the crust, visible from space and from other planets. Its appearance is that of a perfect, orange sphere, although in springtime it is more yellowish due to the large amount of pollen.
The surface of this planet is smooth and covered by the hexagonal structures of the honeycomb. In certain areas of the planet there are groups of plants with long, dark trunks, which grow in the wax and produce large amounts of pollen in their spongy, spherical flowers. There are also large numbers of honeycomb shaped towers, which provide access to the inside of this moon and were built by the inhabitants. Honeymoon (Honeymoon) is inhabited by a colony of bees which are specialized according to their tasks. Their only purpose in life is work and harvesting.
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The planet Monoko is the nearest thing to a savannah. A layer of tall wheat covers almost the whole surface of this world, and through this yellowish blanket grow trees from the Sahel and giant Baobabs. It is a very hot planet because it is very close to the sun. It has two seasons: the Dry Season and the Rainy Season. Therefore, its inhabitants understand the importance of
water, and always know how to administrate it responsibly. The Monokos are a species which lives in townships near the poles, which is where it is cooler. Their customs and rites are the oldest in the universe and they are therefore considered the wisest beings in the universe.
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Villa Sorbet is a medium sized planet which orbits in the outermost, coolest parts of the galaxy. If this were not the case, it would melt, since it is largely composed of ice-cream and sorbet. Its core is made of chocolate syrup and, instead of magma, it butter. Its crust is made of wafer, a material which gives the planet its characteristic colour. Its surface is quite mountainous and its hills and cliffs are also made of wafer and crowned by large ice-cream formations of all different flavours and colours. There is a region with large lemon crush lakes, and its forests of wafer sticks are crossed by streams of horchata.
Near the south-pole is the village which also gives the name to the planet and is where its inhabitants live. There is a law in this village which prohibits its citizens from consuming more food than the permitted amount, in order to prevent them from eating away their own planet, and to allow this to regenerate at a sustainable rate. There are currently 53 inhabitants, a number which exceeds the sustainable capacity of the planet.
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