What do a feisty 4-year-old who pilots her own spaceship,
A reluctant robot that’d rather stay at home,
A grumpy alien from another planet,
And the most huggable monster in the universe have in common?
They are the hilarious stars of an out-of-this-world animated series for 3 to 5 year-olds: Space Nena. The fun never stops as Nena, Pepe, Mathias and Beti travel through a colourful fantasy universe encountering strange beings in new places. Their adventures deliver entertainment and learning to young viewers in a charming and delightful package.
Welcome to planet Mimos, an advanced, multicultural society where the inhabitants live in perfect balance with nature and each other. Our four heroes reside on this happy planet.

Under Nena’s leadership, our four adventurers encounter a vast range of people, environments and new adventures both on Mimos and on other planets across the galaxy. They frequently find that other planets are not as evolved as Mimos and that life on them can be quite different from what they are accustomed to.

No matter where they go, Nena and her friends come face to face with small problems; and Nena is always keen to find solutions. What is making such a
bad smell? How to get a seed to grow? What to do with rubbish? Nena pursues the answers with her typical curiosity, abundant good humour and joyous playfulness.

The planets they visit in Nena’s spaceship are fanciful, specific-purpose planets: Messyland is full of garbage – no one knows what it looks like under all the trash; Honeymoon is practically made of honey and the inhabitants only work and harvest; Terra Bit is a land of robots, wires and electronics; Monoko is a planet of grasslands, trees and only two seasons – dry and wet, where the people truly understand the importance of water. The inhabitants of each planet have their own particular problems and behaviours, but they are always interesting and entertaining.

A highly entertaining educational series in which the delightful adventures are used as a teaching tool

Space Nena is a series for children between 3 and 5 years of age

7 minutes per episode, with a 1 minute stand-alone clip which can be extracted for use elsewhere as desired

52 episodes

2D (Flash and After Effects)

English, Spanish, French and Valencian

Visually, Space Nena uses a very direct graphic line, with bright colours and clear shapes. It reflects a modern, original and personal aesthetics while at the same time being familiar and comprehensible to the young viewers. It is a two dimensional perspective with characters moving back and forth in front of a flat background such as in puppet theatre, videogames and drawings done by children.
The characters are always more important than the background therefore the characters and other important elements are bright and colourful while the backgrounds are white. This creates a very powerful graphic image and a narrative clarity which is very easy for young viewers to decode and understand.

Space Nena is a highly entertaining educational series in which children learn through Nena’s adventures in a fantastic world where children have fun and develop their imagination, creativity and knowledge.

The series is aimed at 3 to 6 year-olds. The stories always grow out of experiences which are familiar to children and related to their everyday life and free time: the park, games, food, animals, transport, the body et cetera.

The stories in Space Nena take place in an atmosphere of equality and purpose (even if the purpose is play and amusement!) Characters respect each other for who they are and do not see differences such as color, origin or ethnicity. The values that infuse each episode are those of a modern, advanced society which is respectful both to people and to the environment. The series – and all the characters - assume that Nena would never be prevented from doing anything because she is a girl. The attitude of Space Nena is that male and female are totally equal.

Within that atmosphere, the delightful stories that unfold carry a curriculum based educational component which introduces young viewers to science and ecology, numeration and literacy

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